Technical Services


No one wants beat-up equipment. Maximize the value of your equipment for resale through our refurb services, which include matching paint to manufacturers’ specs and “body work” for freight or
other damage incurred.


From replacing bad parts to board repair, Salem Group can help you reclaim the value of your equipment and save it from
the scrap heap.


Don’t be hamstrung by manufacturers’ restrictions and high prices. Salem Group can offer third-party support for your used hardware at a fraction of
manufacturer costs.

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When you send your equipment to Salem Group, we will check to be sure that all parts and features you expect are actually received with your equipment.  This includes licenses as well as hardware features.

We test all incoming equipment to be sure passwords are reset and everything is in good working order.

Keep your information safe from prying eyes.  From disk shredding to DOD wiping procedures, we offer services to destroy all information you have stored on your devices.

Salem Group will pack your equipment for safe travels.  Whether it’s in a small carton or a large crate on a pallet, bubble-wrapped or foamed, we will insure that your equipment reaches its destination safely and looking good.

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