Since the days of IBM air-cooled 4341 mainframes, Salem Group has offered quality used servers, upgrades and parts to the IT industry.  Our experience on IBM pSeries, iSeries and xSeries servers benefits users looking for value in their data centers as well as maintenance companies serving data centers of all sizes.  Our in-house techs work on IBM hardware daily and have in-depth knowledge of IBM hardware platforms.

These are just some of the advantages of letting Salem Group help you with your IBM server requirements:

  • Salem Group has 35 year experience working with IBM Servers.
  • Salem has thousands of IBM parts in inventory for immediate shipment.
  • Salem Group tests and refurbishes all hardware we sell to look brand new. 
  • We offer options for maintenance of your hardware or can help you self-maintain with cold storage parts.
  • We have flexible financial capabilities to help meet your needs. We will trade equipment, rent equipment short-term or lease equipment for longer terms.

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