Salem Group has been offering storage networking expertise to the IT industry since the days of the IBM ESCON director, and continues to be a leading specialist in Brocade and OEM-branded Brocade storage networking solutions, with brands including IBM, HPE, Dell/EMC and Lenovo.  We also carry a variety of Brocade VDX and MLX local networking products.  Our 35 years of experience allows us to provide expertise in both current technology as well as legacy hardware. No requirement is too large or too small. We buy and sell complete systems, upgrades and maintenance parts worldwide.

These are just some of the advantages of letting Salem Group help you with your Brocade requirements:

  • Our comprehensive inventory of Brocade switches, directors and parts allows us to ship your hardware when you need it, in most cases on the same day you buy it.  
  • Our knowledge of Brocade products allows us to suggest alternative models and configurations to help you maximize the value you get from your IT purchases.
  • Our experienced technical staff is able to troubleshoot problems and make repairs on equipment you send to us as part of our ITAD program to help you maximize your return on your IT assets.
  • Our techs can configure equipment to your specs so you can “plug and play” as soon as your equipment delivers to you.
  • We refurbish and pack our equipment so that when you or your customer receives your order, it looks and works like new.  
  • We offer financial flexibility with short-term rentals, equipment trades and buy-backs.
  • We can save you money by offering 3rd-party maintenance options on the equipment we sell.

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