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Dell PowerEdge servers PowerVault storage

Salem Group continues to grow in the 21st Century with the addition of the Dell Poweredge server and Powervault storage families of hardware. We are aggressive buyers of your surplus Dell and can deliver systems, features and maintenance parts worldwide. Our experienced technicians are ready to configure, test and guarantee your Dell server and storage requirement.

Salem Group is a premier reseller of Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell PowerVault storage. 28 years of buying and selling data center hardware helps guarantee we will provide excellent service and quality. Our financial strength allows Salem Group to maintain large inventory positions in all the products we buy and sell. However, if we do not have inventory for a specific request, we will work with you to fulfill your needs quickly.

Salem Group offers new and refurbished Dell servers along with new and refurbished Dell storage. Additionally, we maintain large quantities of server and storage parts for upgrades as well an ongoing maintenance. No transaction is too small or too big. When buying refurbished Dell hardware from Salem Group, you can be assured that our systems and parts have been tested by our experienced technicians. After testing, the parts are then refurbished, packaged and shipped by our fulfillment and logistics staff with an attention to detail that cannot be beaten.

Below you will find a sampling of the most commonly requested products. If you do not see what you are looking for below, please contact  our Dell specialist. We are constantly getting new inventory. Alternatively, you can click one of the buttons above to reach us as well.

Dell PowerEdge Servers and PowerVault Storage

Poweredge Servers
PE1950Rack Mount 1950 Server - Configured to order
PE2650Rack Mount 2650 Server - Configured to order
PE2850Rack Mount 2850 Server - Configured to order
PE2950Rack Mount 2950 Server - Configured to order
T310Tower T310 Server - Configured to order
T320Tower T320 Server - Configured to order
T410Tower T410 Server - Configured to order
T420Tower T420 Server - Configured to order
T610Tower T610 Server - Configured to order
T620Tower T620 Server - Configured to order
Rack Mount:
R410Rack Mount R410 Server - Configured to order
R510Rack Mount R510 Server - Configured to order
R610Rack Mount R610 Server - Configured to order
R710Rack Mount R710 Server - Configured to order
R810Rack Mount R810 Server - Configured to order
R910Rack Mount R910 Server - Configured to order
R420Rack Mount R420 Server - Configured to order
R520Rack Mount R520 Server - Configured to order
R620Rack Mount R620 Server - Configured to order
R720Rack Mount R720 Server - Configured to order
R820Rack Mount R820 Server - Configured to order
R920Rack Mount R920 Server - Configured to order
Poweredge Servers  
M1000EDell M100E Blade enclosure - Configured to order
M420Dell M420 Blade - Configured to order
M510Dell M510 Blade - Configured to order
M520Dell M520 Blade - Configured to order
M610Dell M610 Blade - Configured to order
M620Dell M620 Blade - Configured to order
M810Dell M810 Blade - Configured to order
M820Dell M820 Blade - Configured to order
M910Dell M910 Blade - Configured to order
PowerVault Storage:
MD1100PowerVault Direct Attached Storage Array - Configure to order
MD1200PowerVault Direct Attached Storage Array - Configure to order
MD3000PowerVault Direct Attached Storage Array - Configure to order
MD3000iPowerVault Direct Attached Storage Array - Configure to order
MD3200PowerVault Direct Attached Storage Array - Configure to order
MD3200iPowerVault Direct Attached Storage Array - Configure to order
ML6000PowerVault Tape Library - Configure to order